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ACCOMODATIONS-John Cabot University


Housing is located in the Vatican and Trastevere Area
• Student Residence
• Apartment

Excursions and Cultural Activities

John Cabot is proud of its focus on this aspect of the students’ total learning experience, which extends beyond the classroom through a series of activities and events. This includes theater and musical productions, the student newspaper and yearbook, as well as lectures, cultural visits and guided tours. Take part in wine tasting with a sommelier and weekly Italian cooking classes.
In the land of art, music and culture, JCU has a host of resources to draw on and inspire dramatic, musical and cultural interest. The University has its own rapidly evolving Drama Group that present colorful productions to JCU and the public. Associated with John Cabot University is the John Cabot Chamber Orchestra, which performs both in and outside Rome. Take advantage of the discounted trips to see the Opera at the Teatro Nazionale.
Past extended trips have been to Tuscany, Siena, Perugia, Naples, Pompeii, Capri and beyond Italy!

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