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ACCOMODATIONS-Universidad Autònoma De Barcelona


Student Residences
· single room
· double room
· fully furnished
· Weekly cleaning service
· Equipped kitchen
· Internet connection
· Linens provided

Cultural activities

Cultura en Viu (Live Culture) is the cultural support and promotion program run by the UAB's Arts Centre. Its aim is to generate and promote artistic activities on an inter-faculty basis, making them available to all the members of the university community. It also acts as a cultural information point on campus, offering details of all the cultural events taking place at the university and information on how to organize your own.
The UAB's regular cultural groups bring together students, teachers and Service and Administration Personnel with similar cultural interests. There are currently eight different organizations working in artistic areas such as drama, the plastic arts, music, literature, the moving image and popular culture:

-Dance Workshop

-Music Workshop: Choir, Orchestra and Modern Music Combos

-Theatre Workshop

-Image Centre

-Fritz Lang Cineclub

-Colla Castellera Ganàpies

-Espai B5-125 de Arte

-Quark poetry

Some of the activities organized by these established cultural groups are recognized by the UAB as elective credits.

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